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From vrworld:
Unlike Microsoft’s HoloLens which uses Intel’s 32-bit Atom processor, Sulon Q offers significantly higher performance.
Current ‘Q’ prototype is powered by an unnamed 64-bit AMD Carrizo APU, while the final hardware specifications are even more impressive:
AMD FX-8800P 8-core
CPURadeon R7-class 4-Core GPU
Sulon Spatial Processing Unit (SPU)
256 GB SSD
2560×1440 OLED display at 90 Hz, 110 FOV
3D spatial audio powered by GenAudio’s AstoundSound® technology
Dual noise–cancelling embedded microphones.
Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer
Spatial mapping and tracking
Microsoft Windows 10 (Holographic Edition?)
Sulon SDK
Just like Microsoft HoloLens, in order to drive the Augmented Reality / Spatial Computing, Sulon designed its own custom ASIC, named Spatial Processing Unit (SPU). According to the company, Sulon’s SPU “combines real–time machine vision technologies and mixed reality spatial computer for real–time environment mapping and trackingfrom the inside outward, dynamic virtualization for VR/AR fusion, and gesture recognition.”

This is from Q&A document:Proprietary environment mapping and tracking developed by Sulon  Developer access to real-time, synchronized vision system with highly tuned camerasDeveloper access to camera images directly from high speed memory taking advantage of the APU HSA memoryA high-definition, beautifully enhanced Augmented Realty imaging system for seamless visual AR and VR experiencesDeveloper access to high-speed robust camera pose tracking which uses the environment to map and track oneselfInside-out mapping and tracking of the user with minimal setup, and environment-based inside-out trackingDynamic, real-time virtualization which dynamically reconstructs and displays a virtual version of the real world to the user and to applications. This allows us to do anything to the real world that computational physics and rendering enhancements allows.Our goal is to beautify and accessorize the environment where it can seamlessly blend the real world and virtual content together. For example:We can change the lighting of the real environment by adding our own lights. Imagine adding a fireplace into your living room, where it actually provides illumination propagating from the virtual fireplace to the virtualized world.If had a virtual soccer ball, and you kicked it, the ball will bounce off of items in your environment and even break or shatter real objects represented by virtual versions. o Imagine when you look at yourself, you are wearing new clothing that is virtual.A robust and continually improving gesture library. The “Project Dragon” application supports this feature along with other features of Windows 10 such as Cortana and DirectX 12. Gestures help us to seamlessly interact with virtual objects more intuitively thus enhancing the human experience further.

“Our Spatial Processing Unit (SPU) has been built with developer scalability and future applications in mind to ensure not just amazing spatial computing experiences today, but also encourage developer experimentation to help develop significant advances in computer vision, AR and VR tomorrow. The Sulon Q™ headset is a consumption platform, but also a developer platform as well. We want people to create using it. The SPU receives information from the inertial measurement unit (IMU) which includes an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer and combines this with revolutionary computer vision and machine vision advancements that follow the user and their environment to augment the user’s visualperspective with virtual content to help make for a more immersive experience.”

WOW!!! Wasn't expecting this from AMD. Looks like SULON has it's sights on Hololens. AR and VR with machine vision and SPU/HPU just like Hololens except with cameras. Oh Wait Hololens doesn't do VR yet, and this does 110 degrees FOV. Hope they get ZEN/POLARIS tech on their consumer version, fingers crossed.

Microsoft needs to hurry up with their Hololens XBOX strategy. Either way this is running Windows 10, so win win for Microsoft. At the very least XBOX ONE should be able to stream to this since it's Windows 10. Would be nice if they get official support for XBOX ONE.

Dat name though "Sulon", meh ... #post17371
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