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Hilo de Noticias Multiplataforma

NotaPublicado: 05 Jul 2014, 09:57
por Erchacho
Hilo destinado a recoger todas aquellas noticias que tengan que ver de forma general con dos o mas plataformas y no sea una noticia que hable exclusivamente de una en concreto.

El formato de comentario será el siguiente:

-Breve titular de la noticia.
-Enlace a la noticia.

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NotaPublicado: 05 Jul 2014, 10:05
por Erchacho
Far Cry 4 Gets a Sublime New Trailer

[+] SPOILER (click para abrir)
Step right up if you’re looking to see more of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 as a hot new game-play trailer has been released.

The trailer is set to some interesting music and it shows off some of the things you’ll see and do in the game, such as jumping from an airborne truck or being attacked by elephants. It also shows off some of the praise that has been showered on the game by various outlets.

It does look good, wouldn’t you agree? Check out the trailer below before answering.

Far Cry 4 Director Talks Map Size, PS4/PS3 Co-op, Lack of QTE and More; Hints to Blood Dragon Successor

[+] SPOILER (click para abrir)
Far Cry 4 Creative Director Alex Hutchinson gave quite a lot of new information on the game, and on what he would have liked to put in it but wasn’t to be, during a podcast on Game Informer, aptly summarized by NeoGAF user sjay1994.

◦The map size is relatively the same square footage of Far Cry 3‘s rook island, however due to the mountainous regions, the map is far more dense than that of FC3.
◦The team behind Far Cry views the games as more of a series than a franchise, as it doesn’t need to worry about narrative baggage. This factors in to what Dean Evans and his team are doing. It might not be Blood Dragon 2, but rather something unexpected
◦When asked about temperature, Hutchinson said he would love to make an extreme Far Cry game akin to what the modding community might come up with. His ideas were you get hypothermia when in cold water, you contract diseases when certain animals bite you, permadeath, etc. However, the main game doesn’t have anything to do with these hardcore options, the team might consider making a mode for it if there is interest.
◦No sharks in FC4, but there are demon fish and honey badgers.
◦Thin air is a factor in some mountainous areas. You need to have oxygen in these areas, and you do not have much of it.
◦There is an avalanche setpiece in the game, but players can not trigger them freely.
◦When a player buys the PS4/PS3 version of FC4, they will get around 10 tickets called “Keys to Kyrat”,that you can give to friends. They will be able to download a limited version of FC4 that has all the co op content and everything but the single player content. They will only be able to play the limited version if you are playing the main version of FC4. Hutchinson is not sure, but Sony might implement a time box.
◦There’s no split-screen co-op.
◦There is a competitive multiplayer mode in FC4. No details were given. The team views FC3′s multiplayer as unsuccessful, but are using lessons they learned to hopefully build a fanbase with FC4‘s mp.
◦You will unlock the wingsuit pretty early into the game.
◦In some of the games cinematics, players can interrupt them with actions, however they player will not have a prompt to do so. These will be hidden. This was made to address Far Cry 3‘s quick time event-driven boss fights. Also, it sounds like there are no QTE’s in FC4.
◦You can throw grenades through enemy car windows while you are driving, and drive away.
◦Fire still spreads in Far Cry 4 like in previous games of the series.
◦Hutchinson had lots of ideas to use dung as a weapon, like using it to coat arrows to make poison, but the team denied the possibility.
◦You can turn off the HUD, and each element of the UI, like XP feedback, etc. It’s designed with the next gen consoles sharing features in mind.
◦There are multiple endings, but they are less clear than in Far Cry 3, so there’s no press LT for good ending, RT for bad ending.
◦You can pick sides with the different factions. This will effect relationships with different characters and can effect the endings.
◦You can reset outposts, but the team is giving a narrative reason for it.

The hint to a possible successor to Blood Dragon definitely has me excited, considering how much I enjoyed it. Hopefully this one will be just as wacky. Probably the best part of it all is the lack of quick time events. They seriously spoiled boss fights in Far Cry 3 for me.

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NotaPublicado: 06 Jul 2014, 16:18
por Erchacho
EN 10 minutos mas o menos Destiny en directo.


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NotaPublicado: 07 Jul 2014, 16:39
por Erchacho
Alien: Isolation hands-on - the horror and delight of virtual reality hide-and-seek

[+] SPOILER (click para abrir)
PC Gamer at 16:00 on 07 July 2014


Something had gone terribly wrong. Maybe it was in my brain; perhaps something had been throbbing, pulsing, and then suddenly popped—like in those CGI, inside-the-body shots in an episode of House. I'd been wandering around a space station, on the run from a horrible monster, jumping at shadows and yelping when something leapt out of the shadows and skewered me on the end of its tail. Now I was laughing. Laughing! At Alien: Isolation! Stop the ride. Something's come off.

Nothing had gone wrong, really. If anything, something had gone right. I wasn't laughing at the monster. No, this was the Oculus Rift's fault. I'd like to say it was something worthy, like the surreal sensation of looking about at an environment I knew wasn't real, or at apparently sprinting while sitting still in a chair. It wasn't, though. It was looking down to discover I had boobs. It was inexpressibly weird. I was in someone else's body. Someone with slimmer arms than me and whole pieces of anatomy that I'd only ever seen on other people. The fact that beyond my newfound chest adornments I didn't seem to have any legs somehow just made it better. All the tension that had built up hiding and fleeing and cowering in terror twisted up and burst out of me. I couldn't stop.

Suddenly the Amanda Ripley I was inhabiting forgot all about her life-and-death struggle against the loping, impossible force of anti-nature that had her cornered on a derelict space station, and raced off to explore her virtual surroundings, like a kid spoiling a museum trip. I ran over to one side of the room and looked at a wall. It was a great wall! I went through a door and felt just for a moment that I was going to bash my head against the frame. I ducked reflexively in my chair, and because the tech demo was running on the latest iteration of the Rift, the camera tracked my real-world head movement and Amanda stooped down, too. Unnecessary, but highly obliging.


I hid in a cupboard. The Sevastapol space station is full of cupboards in which no-one seems to store anything. Presciently, as it turns out, as jumping into a locker and holding your breath (left trigger) is sometimes an effective way of avoiding a pursuing monster. I peered out through the slats in the front of the metal door. All was quiet. I tilted my head, looking up at the ceiling, then down at the floor. I was beside myself. Surely no-one has ever been this excited to be hiding in a cupboard who isn't now on some kind of register.

After a minute or so, a door opened in the starting room. The stage I was playing was a tech demo for the Oculus stand at E3—a prototype in which you have to skulk from one end of a closed-off level to the other without being detected. You've got no weapons, no distracting gadgetry, and three minutes to escape after that door opens and lets you into the level proper. Basically, this demo was designed to kill people queuing at the Oculus stand quickly, so they'd get off and let someone else have a go.

I felt none of that urgency. I blundered into the corridor and pulled up my Motion Tracker again. Nothing on the screen. Enemies in Isolation show up as they do in the films: as little white blobs announced with a cold, audible ping. I saw no blob. Heard no ping. Whatever was waiting for me in the demo, it hadn't arrived yet.
That's when I saw the box. Never have I been so happy to see a box. There wasn't even anything in it, I knew—but I could see from the grill on the front that it was something else that I could clamber into. The entry animation played out in first-person whilst I remained sedentary outside of the Matrix in an office chair. I got in. I looked out through the eye-slits. Then I saw some legs.


I knew it was The Bastard. The developers call it the Alien, but really, it's The Bastard. It's quicker than you, can't be killed, learns from your behaviour and once made me swear—loudly and in front of people—when it pulled me out from cowering under a hospital gurney. How long had it been there? Had it followed me? It can drag you kicking out of cupboards and boxes, too, if it sees you disappear into one—but for the moment, it was pulling one of its nastier tricks: standing stock still, like it knows not moving will keep it off your Tracker.

Move and stop. Move and stop. Eat someone that blunders into you when they think the coast is clear. Alien Hunting 101.

Despite the developer's assurance that basically no-one made it through the gauntlet alive, I didn't want to chance being the one survivalist prodigy who made it to the end screen without seeing what it was like to be stabbed in the face with the Alien's signature telescoping mouth-tongue. So, after a few tense seconds of waiting for discovery, I took matters into my own hands. I burst out of my box and charged head-first at the monster.

Probably scared it half to death. But then it grabbed me, threw me to the floor, got on top of me, opened its mouth and dribbled on me with its clicking mouth proboscis. Then it punched a hole in my face.

It was another weird feeling. In the main, non-VR game, getting caught by the Alien is terrifying. You never mean for it to happen; it's always because you've been careless and gotten yourself noticed by a monster you hadn't seen. This was different. This was gleeful.


I restarted the demo. Time to play seriously. This time the Alien showed up sooner, stalking down a corridor at me. I ducked down a different one, thinking I might circle around it. No such luck. Watching the motion tracker I simultaneously was and wasn't holding in my left hand, I watched glumly as it doubled back and once again started coming at me. I got down behind some crates and leaned right in my chair, the Rift camera tracking my head as I poked half an eye out to investigate.

I was about eye-level with its knee. Somehow, the Bastard had skulked forward while I was scanning for it and I'd missed its approach. Now the ping on the radar was frantic. But as I ducked my precious, vulnerable head back in like a tortoise made of shipping crates, somehow it didn't see me. Ha! "Perfect organism," indeed!
Emboldened, I decided to slip around behind it and back away towards the objective marker on my Tracker. The Bastard was scoping out another room from the doorway, and I didn't have far to go before the relative safety of the next corridor.

Then, out of line-of-sight, I could scuttle off to the exit and enjoy the duel honours of having been at once eviscerated in VR by an iconic monster of my childhood, and one of the few people in the world skilled enough to actually finish this demo. Glory and bragging rights were within my virtual grasp. All I needed to do was creep across maybe twenty feet of open corridor, and cross all the toes that Virtual Ripley didn't have that the Alien wouldn't turn round.


It did. Immediately. In fact, I was so close when it spotted me that a quicker-thinking Ripley could have boffed it on the snout and maybe made good her escape. I didn't do that. I did what everyone does—what the game explicitly tells you not to do—and turned on my heel and ran away, yelling. Then I fell over. Something had grabbed my non-existent legs out from under me and was dragging me backwards across the floor. Death came swiftly on another set of dribbly teeth. I died a victim of hubris as much as the gangly monster I'd tried to outfox.

I didn't finish the demo for Alien: Isolation's VR mode (which, incidentally, hasn't been confirmed as something that's happening yet—after I emerged, blinking, in Sega's offices, the developer stressed that the demo is strictly a proof of concept). I don't think I even came close. But oddly, I don't really care. I don't know how long I could play the murkier, heart-in-mouth segments Isolation's full story with my brain trapped mercilessly in virtual reality—but the sheer, untainted joy this demo inspired with nothing more than some cupboards and a box would make me want to try.

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NotaPublicado: 11 Jul 2014, 09:41
por Erchacho
Harmonix Thinking of Bringing Back Rock Band to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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por Erchacho

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por Erchacho
16 minutos de Dragon Age: Inquisition

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NotaPublicado: 19 Ene 2015, 12:55
SEGA Dreamcast is STILL has steam left! 15 years and going!http://www.hardcoregamer.com/2015/01/17/upcoming-sega-dreamcast-games-in-2015/127848/2014 was a year filled with great gaming moments, all of which you can relive in our Game of the Year Awards. We’re also geared up for all the big games that will be coming out in 2015. On another note, the SEGA Dreamcast — the little engine that simply won’t quit — celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2014 and even saw a couple of new games. Now entering its 16th year in North America, it looks like the Dreamcast will still be thinking in 2015, thanks to a number of posthumous games scheduled for release.

Here are some standout titles that you can potentially look forward to playing on your Dreamcast in 2015.

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NotaPublicado: 19 Ene 2015, 13:36
por BiG Porras
joder, y yo pensando que este hilo no existia y queria proponerlo... xDDDD

DREAMCAST siempre ha forjado mis sueños... :ugeek: que ilusion...

EDIT: VALE, acabo de ver en el subforo que estoy... No vendria bien un hilo asi en Multiplataforma??

Hilo de Noticias Multiplataforma

NotaPublicado: 04 Ago 2018, 02:45
por MelaniaPleda
No veo ningun hilo especifico para englobar todo lo de 3DS, en EOL practicamente me encargo siempre de poner las noticias de la eshop y es de la consola que mas juego compro ultimamente, asi que intentare poner info tambien aqui.