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Jonathan Blow & The Witness

Notapor BiG Porras » 30 Abr 2016, 12:25

Hello TrueGamers friends, WELCOME.

In this article, we will thresh everything around the newly emerged video game 'The Witness'.
And the series of controversies surrounding its development, its creator, and what has finally ended up being the game.

Go for it!

Put yourself in situation.
Braid was THE quintessential indie game in the past generation. That game I think the boom of indies games on Xbox Live, where it all started and the current movement we see.

“If had not existed, the independent development would not be what it is today.”

And he may be right, although it is always blamed lack of humility and a little conceit and ambition (which we will discuss here), because the problem of having a big mouth, is to pay the debts you generate the hype.

And that is precisely what I speak and discuss in my article: Jonathan Blow and The Witness case.

The controversy began when he appeared in the 'reveal' of PS4, back in the winter of 2013, where he spat out a series of offensive statements about the company that once fed him, so apart to be offensive and contemptible, is never a smart position (do not know what will provide us the future, or where we have to go back) But be that as it may, the public level is always necessary to show some class, which he did not dress.

“Game does not come in Xbox ONE because Microsoft are a dirty liar, and never wanted to be involved in my project”

“Xbox ONE mounts a cheap RAM, and PS4 can squeeze its 8 gigabyte of glorious GDDR5”

“The game will run on PlayStation 4 1080p and rate of 60 frames per second”



And of course, then what happens, that SONY 8GB states that are not accessible, to which Jonathan Blow says months later (one month before E3 2013) “that for now, in the middle stage of development, I'm taking more 5GB ". AND SONY states that for developments 'no First Party', the first SKD only have access to 6 Jaguar cores, and one more limited amount of RAM 7GB those that were presumed at first (it is estimated that an external and Indie study, the SDK only provides access to 4GB of RAM).


Maybe, Mr. Blow thought he would try or resources Flirts Party, (as one would expect seeing apparently), but it was not. Having to readapt the project on the fly, which caused him several setbacks.

“Within days of E3, decided to rebuild from scratch area The Witness “
“I spent all my money to finance The Witness, and even I had to borrow “
“For the development of Braid I invested $ 200,000, and reported millions me, and I had to reinvest all that money in my new game. “
“Many people no longer buy digital games platforms 'Old Gen', so Braid sales are no longer sufficient to finance the team. I asked for a loan to finish The Witness. So I hope people buy it when it is finished “

The downside of all this is that in the end all consequences affects the user, coming to PS4 a version that does not exceed 900p resolution, having to appear a version PC to better fund lost (so SONY lose the exclusivity of the project), and being that version of PC, a game without graphics options Ultra (which here is acuciable, being a precious game it is based on the environment such pretty form).

And worst of all, having to charge $ 40 for an indie game without physical format, or be a AAA or Flirts Party project. It may be a "Indie AA", but do not think the title itself worthy of the price. Absolutely.


And entering into the gameplay, and his quality, no objection, but nothing noteworthy.
Jonathan wanted to make an ambitious and simplistic game time, a masterpiece that marked a before and after, picking up the baton of the MYST series, and surpassing narrative Portal / Portal2.
And as he told Casey Stoner to Valentinno Rossi once (when it hit the ground) “The trouble with your ambition, is when you exceed your quality." And Jonathan Blow is good, very good, but not much.

“The player is instructed to begin. You rely on yourself and start solving quite difficult problems. You know not just to solve the problems, but what happens when they resolve. The game is designed to create a lot of epiphany moments, both small and large “

You wanted to make a single game, to break roles, but the bad thing so long a time and with so many pitfalls project is that when the game comes out, is not so new.

Puzzle games there today kicked, they are not so niche, or unpopular, or scarce. In this scenario, The Witness no longer stands or stands, late.
And the biggest chance is that it comes at a time of effervescence Indie by this type of betting, with the Pneuma great: Breath of Life or the great The Talos Principle and its wonderful expansion, which have set a high flag and an endless amount of titles indies lesser impact have been appearing over the past year, and that are based on puzzles and puzzles, providing very pleasing works and consider.

Because of this, The Witness has over-strive to stand out, and when you push something and you press it, you can end up cracking.


Like, for example, the use of minimalist narrative that becomes simplistic, or virtual difficulty only added to give a sense of challenge or playable quality, something Blow detests.
“Some designers opt to create moments 'aha' where the player stuck at one point and then solves it feels smart, that irritates me “
“The art of the idea behind The Witness it is that the puzzles are not random. This is not an arbitrary situation 'aha' for the player feel smart: The player really understand what is happening and be smart. I'm not going to cheat to make you feel smarter, you are exercising your natural intelligence “
Well, as you can see on the gameplays of my videoguide…


Cherry trees zone:

Rock Formations zone:

… Mr. Blow not get this. They followed the typical evils of every game based on the intelligence of the individual.

While it is true that knows how to use the environment to make sense of the challenges, and get a very natural integration and achieved with this, it does fall into the sins of their homonyms, with several moments 'aha' (as he calls them) where things are not resolved in such a natural way as intended (which does not make the game stops being good eye).


However, what does seem to me a scourge, it is (in principle) biggest advantage of the game: its durability.
Jonathan Blow glorifies have gotten an indie game over 80h and 700 puzzles, something excessive and unnecessary.
As previously commented on the issue of difficulty unreal, unreal length is another equally important problem.

“The game has 667 puzzles now”
“Game will last from 80h to 100h”
Is this necessary? No.

When you play, you realize immediately the simplistic control you have. No longer minimal, if not reduced to absurdity, with an almost equal control all the puzzles, and where only use a mouse button, and move in guided and predefined settings.
And a consistent duplicates challenges, where in many cases, batteries puzzles are presented in 5 or 6 puzzles followed almost the same, repeating these modules during the challenge, so I also do 700 puzzles! Instead of a puzzle for defiance, presents groups of 5 or 6 followed and the like.

Blow leading to recognize that 80h is to reach 100%, but Story Mode
“'Just take a 20h”



The issue is that often are very well raised, and has logic that raised so that as you progress, evolve and learn; but in many other cases are to be, and just boring in the closing stages, by such repetition.
“There are real ideas behind each and every one of the puzzles. When you solve it, you can clearly see some kind of relationship that occurs in reality, space, time or something. And you see very clearly how it relates to the current situation”
Well, yes Jonathan, but sometimes it is not denoted in the course of the game.

That said, we do not carry us wrong, the game is good, and really good. The quiz is that it is not as great as we wanted to sell this gentleman, nor so strikingly unique at this point. It is a good game, nothing more. even worthy of such high notes as it is being (not sure if 9.5 average, as you are getting, but if your good 8 or 8.5).


Besides, we set aside problems decisions narrative or game audio, but for that you have to see the video ;).
(In the article sources they are also detailed both subjects, among others)

In short, the game I'm enjoying it greatly, and offers very good things the player who can appreciate them, but not at that price, even after all this hype.
That said, if you have the opportunity to taste it, I recommend it without hesitation.


Thanks TrueGamers friends of MisterXMedia forum.

BiG Porras says goodbye, but not before thank you for being there and devote a little of your time, which is always something to be welcomed.

See you next time, friends!

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