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Hello TrueGamers!
Here BiG Porras will bring you what was the event 'Quantum Break' we attended this past weekend.
And besides, some first impressions of the title, which I could play for a long time.

Let's get started!



The first thing you feel when checking hands on the title, is that we have a quality game. A game where attention to detail is the most, and where we will not find anything to chance, everything being perfectly premeditated, and put there for a reason.
Title, where even the smallest paper sheet or soil is well defined, with movement, and care. Levels where only geniuses / crazy as Sam Lake strive to come.



From here, and to do spoilers, speak of the schematic and loose as possible
The beginning of the title, after the cinematic history of rigor, it leaves us in an urban area at night.
The first thing that strikes us is the play of light and shadow, and overpower us a lot of details. As the NPC conveniently located (including some surprise), and as the linear path that we must follow shows the technical capability of the title.

Still, I dedicated myself to "wander around" to see where the level had risen Remedy perfectionism. Finding vegetation with real movement, trash on the floor, characters in the distance promising future wink, elements that, far from being decorative, they were there for one reason and one specific reason that you discover as you approach, giving signs of obsession immersion and reality I wanted to get the study.

Once deep in slaughter, I delight in something that is very important to me and that virtually never achieved: the credibility of the character's movement. To walk and move like a person, and is something that here is better managed than ever.
And after that, the first thing I did to get on an elevator, was looking angles impossible camera, being astonished and amazed by every detail and definition that gave off the character, making it impossible to catch a design flaw, and proving once again the quality and the care with which designed the title.


After several minutes, moving story and raised the title argue the script, we first see the ravages of breaking the space-time continuum.
At that time we do not (yet more) account technical bill title, and because Remedy designs its own grafios engines: visual beauty in real time without comparison.
The whole scenario is "alive" and adapts to our desires, all with photorealistic character and happening in front of us in real time. Just amazing.
Each particle, each element of the stage, every wall, every beam, every chair ... all interactuable and modifiable. And without losing an iota of frame rate at any time.

At that time, I decided to stop playing, not wanting to bother me the story, preferring to play it more comfortably on my couch, and enjoy the experience in the best way possible, something nonnegotiable in a title search.


The first thing highlighted all members, is that this is the game with better graphics and physical time, leaving behind everything known, and assuming a new milestone in the history of Remedy, which used to do in some way with all your games.

A detail of how you do things Remedy, is that unlike other games where you advance by obtaining and unlocking powers go, here you get everything at the beginning. Powers that be go up in level, but that can not be up all at par, having to decide, through your experience for adventure, with which you feel most comfortable and what you, as a player, can take advantage . Offering you the opportunity and freedom to play as you wish, not guiding or training you in a fictional way through the passage of chapters, unlocking new or enhanced powers. No, here you write your story and decide how you want to play it.
Something that also applies to the time to live and develop the story. Something that was defined as the ochenteros books "define your own story" where your elegies which way to go, which really had future result in the development of the whole adventure, and defining what would live following an irremediable way.

However, one thing must be clear, it is that the game has only a single end, something perfectly conceived by Sam Lake. He wants during live play your own experience, and that every decision affecting the gameplay as you live, but wants all have a logical sense, not random, and that this will lead to the end of your adventure , that although there been for your own unique decisions, everything has a hopeless outcome. Something represented in the game by a board where a timeline full of jumps and points, which is filled in advance, and ending at a point of no return, showing the pure philosophy of the game is drawn: "You can try to change the past or change the present but the future will end up happening one way or another irretrievably "
In this game, the future is already written, only changes how we'll get to him, who will arrive, who leave behind, and how then will face the ultimate challenge, and what consequences will it lived on as we will face the ultimate challenge.
All this also reflected in the TV series accompanying the evidence, that more than a simple filling, complete history and provides data that make us rethink a lot of our decisions, who want to help and that lead to certain characters we undertake giving a mental point of "difficulty", and making us measure our steps very well.


Other points of discussion was the dilemma of whether to consider the title, a game of science fiction or superhero.

And this is based on the premise that, if it is a title cut of science fiction first-level travel and alter time. But to give powers from minute one, you feel like a superhero against all enemies and puzzles, which makes many the real core of the gameplay arise.
It is in any case, anecdotal and buried by the great representation of all demonstrating Quantum Break, pudiéndoselo take as one wishes.
And it was time, he touched very deeply, the usual thing called Transmedia.
It is clear that Remedy has not invented, but of course, has achieved what no one had done: do it right. Only too well.
If something was made clear, is the importance of the series for Remedy. It is not something that Microsoft imposed on them, is something he had in mind and so wanted to develop.
Counting with a Hollywood producer and renowned actors, Sam Lake gives much depth and importance as the game itself, because it is essential to understand the vision you want to convey with the title through the history part.

Arriving this obsession with quality and seriousness of the project, which used dental molds of actors to reflect all its peculiarities in the avatar of the game, and be perfectly identifiable and definable. Or use exactly the same camera for both the series and to catch the game.
Carrying a large mammoth work of perfection for the exact lighting of each scene and matching-game series, wardrobe, diction, facial expression and mood, etc ... Just pure perfectionism courtesy of Sam Lake state.
As reflected in the commitment of Remedy, the series goes beyond being a simple accompaniment or supplement the game. It is an intrinsic part of the adventure, and therefore necessary. Hence such fixing quality.



Without being perfect (what it is ...?), We are undoubtedly facing one of the games of the generation, and who knows if ever. A game of those who'll look back in five or eight years, and we realize how much importance and significance has had (something applicable to any masterpiece Remedy).
And of course, with a good work and attention to detail both, gameplay, and of course, the graphics bet.
There is nobody who, after playing, how much resolution agreed to go, because no matter the least.
graphic quality is thousands of particles on screen, distorting effects around the stage in real time, animations and movements lifelike and believable, lighting effects and worthy of a master of cinema ... shadows characters And all this without hurting one apex stability of frames or remove any prominence to the story, the core game.
You stated this, I say here very clear that those who do not consider this title as "gross" he has seen in his life, and considers that this generation still surprise you: I'm sorry, sorry for you, "player", have a problem because you know not truly appreciate what your eyes see or fully understand and set everything you see, so you can never fill the void within.
It happened with Forza Motorsport 6, happened to Rise of the Tomb Raider, and pass (insurance) with Quantum Break.
A stream of criticism generated by GraphicWhores called, never be happy with the title, but staking so overwhelming for the quality of its graphics engine for all aspects of the game.
And I say this without having played the PC version, which presumably will be even more beast (if possible).

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