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New users who register on, must go through two filters to ensure continuity in our community:

1. All new users should to post in the 'PRESENTATIONS' official thread, and tell us a little about themselves.

2. To avoid intoxicating agents to come to our house only to misinform or raise controversy, the administration will have to approve the first 3 posts of all new users (so, if the post not see published at the time, isn't a mistake, just wait).
That is, the first 3 messages each user must be supervised and must have the approval of the adminitration, before the user can to post normally at our home, as well as insert images, etc.TrueGamers philosophy: "Play all you can, don't hate anything"



- Is prohibited discriminatory content, pornographic, humiliating, degrading, or otherwise in violation of the law.

- Is prohibited the publication or distribution through links to content that encourages or promotes piracy somehow contrary to current legislation on intellectual property, commercial or criminal practices.

- reserves the right to remove any kind of reply that contradicts the above.

- The user undertakes to respect the rules laid down in this section in its entirety.

- undertakes to be anonymous and strictly reserved the required details for registration in the database of users. The processing of information housed on servers, be made always respecting the mandatory content in accordance with Law 15/1999 of December 13 Protection of Personal Data.

- not responsible for the content or data posted by users in their comments and / or profiles that violate the provisions in the legislation, although reserves all the rights to withdraw or modify the replics that management it.

- Don't understand the rules doesn't exempt from responsibility to fulfill.

- Temporary or permanent restriction of this forum will be applied according to the following calculation:
· 3 warnings (total) = 15 days of expulsion.
· 6 warnings (total) = 30 days of expulsion.
· 9 warnings (total) = expulsion of this house, FOREVER.


- For security reasons, the first three messages each user will be subject to prior approval of the moderation of the site.

- All kinds of message containing insults, ridicule, disrespect is prohibited, and / or in order to obstruct or otherwise distort the topic of the threads (trolling) or good overall functioning of the forum.

- Spam or any implicit or explicit advertising or commercial content in comments is prohibited.

- Should be responsible for each of the cords arranged in the respective sub-forums, sorted by subject category and always respecting the matter ("topic") which is the subject to be discussed at each use.

- No firms in the aggregate exceed 600x300 pixels may be used. Any firm that exceed the specified limits may be modified by the administration.

- Participation in the forum should focus on the promotion of coexistence in it, good manners, respect for others and the accuracy of the information. Any practice contrary to these principles, will be considered a violation manifests of the operating rules of the forum and grounds for expulsion.

- Moderation apply a policy of "zero tolerance" violators of the rules of operation of the forum, reserving the right to tell the offender about their timely action, admonishing and requiring correction, or proceeding to his expulsion directly if considers, according to the moderator, that the degree of the offense is notorious and manifest, with the ultimate aim to preserve the smooth running of the forum.

- Any incident not detected, must be brought to the attention of moderation, through the reporting system to proceed to your immediate attention.

- Will be made available to users a section of suggestions and complaints, for convenient use.

- For reasons of adaptability and collective use, should not insert more than 4 images in one post. To exceed that amount, it is mandatory to use a 'spoiler' to hide the rest of the images. This rule also applies to gif, videos, and other types of multimedia content.

- Under no circumstances may initiate a conversation between two users publicly, or routed from one user to another user, attacks or criticisms or references are allowed. You are allowed to question the arguments of another user as long as it is discussed from the warmth and respect, and providing objective views, but never be allowed to personally assess any particular user or the community in general entirety.

- Users have at their disposal a number of tools to know moderation need to review or mediate in any dispute or message out of tune, with which the users will be able to see a problem with them in the forum, and and to seek a solution to the problem.

- Moderation by never attend a private message to a particular query. If the intermediary of a moderator is required, this may be requested publicly on the Subforum 'Feedback'. Whether seeking the mediation of a moderator, or failing that, directly exposing the problem to find a suitable solution.

- According to the *new law on intellectual property protection of copyright, can not be insert content from another website directly, only be allowed under the protection of the law, insert the holder or the body of the story or access the link to this, but never a combination of 2 or more of these aforementioned routes.
*Only for Spanish websites

- If a report to moderation is done without proven foundation, and restraint means consider it a 'false report', either eagerness or not to bother or waste the time of Staff, said body restraint may agree to consider it as something sanctionable and may officially warn the user who filed the complaint.

Mandatory, the next reading addressed to the standard of conduct:



To ensure a healthy discussion environment, we have created the TRUEGAMER Decalogue:

·The basis of any discussion, will be to present ideas from respect and tolerance.
·It must respect the views unrelated and must be discussed with those arguments unrelated points where we think that another user has an uneven concept.
·The discussions that result in "It is my opinion" will not be valued as debates, will be respected simply.
·Disrespect, intolerance, personal appreciations and other things that lead to a confrontation will be punished.
·It will try to avoid the opinions intoxicating atmosphere, black humor, satire, and misinformation, both for and against a platform. If you want to denounce something, you can make, well exposed and education directly. Luckily, the groso community, is an intelligent and able to detect users who intend to misinform and / or intoxicate, and to report such behavior community.
·Offtopic under no circumstances be tolerated. a joke or a response that is not nested allowed. NOT two. It is considered offtopic anything that does not have a direct relationship with the thread topic. Will some field and to GENERAL permissiveness threads, if in a general yarn is twisted into a thread discussion existing too, there was a redirect to. Reiterate the offtopic entails penalty.
·This allowed the offtopic, however, is not recommended.
·Under no circumstances the personal appreciations to other members of the community within a thread be tolerated. The personal assessments, both users and the community itself, be discharged by private or feedback thread respectively. Skipping this rule will sanction.
·Claims will have to redirect all the thread COMPLAINTS, nothing will be done through private messages to moderators. Nothing. All public. If someone sends a private to a moderator, the moderator may decide to redirect you to wire and admonish COMPLAINTS if he believed necessary
·Are advised to make a claim that has no basis can lead to a penalty, to prevent children accusations plan "is that this does not think like me."

Here there is always the debate from the point of view of tolerance and respect. What we can not allow is disrespect to a user that gives a real data against other personally thinks otherwise. Obviously, not all users have enough emotional intelligence to ask them to act so, it is imperative that respect is maintained and that when there is a lack, the tools we have used.

The basic rules of all good Forum menber, netiquette rules that are necessary and included here are respected.

Thus it was that in 1995 a document by the IETF trying to regulate communications network was developed, this document was called RFC1855 (Request for Comments 1855 .1) Since then, the various companies were developing their own rules, and even designating solely responsible for compliance people.

Rule 1: Never forget that the person reading the message is another human being with feelings that can be hurt.
Rule 2: Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life.
Rule 3: Writing in all caps is considered shouting and also difficult to read.
Rule 4: Respect time and bandwidth of others.
Rule 5: Show the good side of yourself while you stay online.
Rule 6: Share with the community
Rule 7: Help keep the discussions in a healthy and educational environment.
Rule 8: Respect the privacy of others, make a group against a person is wrong.
Rule 9: Do not abuse your power.
Rule 10: Be objective about issues whose primary well not affect the general.
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